The real side of war

Merry unsheathes his sword eagerly. “When I was a kid,” he explains as he darts in and out from Boromir’s sword, “I snuck into the Old Took’s library. I was looking for some ink, but I found this really great book about all about those warriors in battle. I got hooked. I used to plan out all these battles and run them through in my head. I was quite good at it too.” He grins. “Bilbo always said I’d be a good soldier. Made me prouder than I’d ever been.”

Legolas looks at the young hobbit, alarm written all over his face, “You think that war’s a good thing?”

“Well, sure,” Merry grins as he successfully disarms Boromir, “All the glory and heroism sounds amazing.”

Legolas shakes his head sadly, hoping Merry will never find out the true nature of war.

Merry looks at Legolas. “Boy, I’m glad I found that book,” he tells the elf, “Now I know about war.”

Months later, crouching down beside his cousin, Merry cries openly. He prays for the next young hobbit that finds that book, and hopes that hobbit will never see the real side of war.

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