So, I have done all of these things, believe it or not, so read this and you’ll be surprised that you have done all of them, or at least some of them. If not, what are you doing here?!?!

• When you see something and you open your mouth and say something like, “Ents! Like in The Two Towers, you know…” and you are playing hangman at school for a test. People then proceed to roll their eyes.
• When you walk around the house practicing your Elvish.
• When you sing Aragorn’s coronation song in the shower
• If you are compared to your weird, Lord of the Rings-Loving Language Arts Teacher
• If your favorite song (or one of them) is off of one of the Lord of the Rings Soundtracks
• When you beg your mom for $500 to buy the One Ring, and say, “But I REALLY NEED it! I have to be like Frodo!!”
• If your friends or family refer to you as “the obsessive person that NO ONE understands”
• If you talk to people in Elvish and talk about the history of Middle-Earth and No One cares, nor understands you
• When you make a school project, such as a short story or a “My Life” slide show with AT LEAST 2 or more slides or the whole story is about the Lord of the Rings

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