You are obsessed with LotR when you’ve done at least 3 of these… oh, and yes, I have done all of these!

• You become a member at a site like, or frequently visit them.

• You pick up the Two Towers at the school library for an easy 100 on a book report that’s due in 3 days

• You make lembas bread for a project in English…

• You know at least 2 minutes of the scripts (EE) in Elvish.

• You stay up late watching the movies (extended, of course) with your best friend, and start saying the lines without looking at subtitles. (and fight over who gets to be Arwen/Eowyn)

• Your parents limit your time you can spend listening to LotR music, movies, websites, or reading the

• You dedicate a slide to the movies in a slide show (that was for a grade)

• You dedicate a slide to the actors in that very same slide show.

• You list a lot of LotR-themed websites people could visit at the end of your by now annoying slideshow.

• You still made a 100 on that slide show.

• You own either a copy of the Ring, the Evenstar necklace, or Aragorn’s ring.

• You walk around the house muttering lines from the movies.

• Your room has at least 5 pictures of a character from LotR.

• Your most played playlist includes Into the West, music written by Howard Shore, Billy and Dom’s song “The Green Dragon”, and Billy singing “The Edge of Night”.

• You know who the heck I’m talking about when I say Billy, Elijah, Orly, Viggo, Ian M., Sean Bean, Sean Astin, Bernard, Miranda, Liv, and of course, Christopher Lee.

• You have ever written anything even remotely like this.

• You say Arwen’s line at Bruinen with her.

• You bug your friend with info about LotR, when they couldn’t care less.

• Your friends roll their eyes when you talk about something you saw in a movie, because they KNOW it’s LotR… and you tell them anyway.

• You discovered that the travelers each take a different side at the crossroads, yet end up at the same place, still passing the same Mr. Proudfoot.

• You check the scenes where Gandalf and Frodo ride into Hobbiton in FOTR, and the Hobbits’ return to Hobbiton in ROTK, to see if I am right.

• You actually feel better about your obsession now that you know that someone else actually does stuff like this!!!!!!

• You read this!!!!!!!!!!

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