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Halls of Mandos by lilpippin (PG)
Summary: The 5th one-shot in the "He Loses Us Both" series. Please have read those before reading this. Elrohir experiences a strange phenomenon.
Characters: Elladan/Elrohir, | Genre: Action | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2005-01-15 07:25:06 | Date Updated: 2005-01-15 07:25:06
A True Heart *Ch. 1* by LadyPunk (G)
Summary: Thranduil keeps pushing his oldest, Mertose, to get married. But Mertose doesn't want anything to do with it. Find out what happens to him when he meets a beautiful elf from Rivendell, and someone else you'll least expect!! (First Fanfic. please review and tell me what you really really think!)
Characters: Legolas, Other, | Genre: Romance | Chapters: 16
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2005-01-14 19:24:35 | Date Updated: 2005-01-14 19:24:35
1st Grade Hobbits by Lithoniel_Burrows (G)
Summary: Find out what happens in the hobbits' early years of life in 1st grade!
Characters: Frodo, Other, | Genre: Humor | Chapters: 3
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2005-01-09 17:27:40 | Date Updated: 2005-01-09 17:27:40
Jealousy's poison by elanorelendil (R)
Summary: Jealousy can be a dangerous thing, striking the hearts of those who are normally brave and true. Jealousy can kill and to kill the purest of heart can only mean death.
Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, | Genre: Action | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2005-01-05 05:17:54 | Date Updated: 2005-01-05 05:17:54
LotR4: Attack of the Spammers by Xara (PG)
Summary: When a series of mysterious SPAM e-mails appear in the inboxes of the inhabitants of Middle Earth, they start to realise something fishy is going on. Soon from all the corners of Middle Earth a great council is gathered, from which is chosen a fellowship of ten, whose task it is to find and destroy SPAM, the ultimate evil, forever! A tale of darkness and danger, hobbit armies and oompa loompas, computers and bad-tempered dwarves, and most frightening of all; advertising, this story will be appreciated by all who love LotR and hate SPAM e-mails! Grab your pitch-forks and flaming torches and join the fray! For never before have evil SPAMers taken such a beating!
Characters: Frodo, Pippin, | Genre: Parody | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2005-01-02 23:56:04 | Date Updated: 2005-01-02 23:56:04
You know you're obssesed when... by ~cursed~elf~ (G)
Summary: weird yet entertaining. I've done all of these things, which is kinda sad when you think about it. Feel free to add more. just don't delete anything.
Characters: Other, | Genre: Humor | Chapters: 7
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2004-12-31 09:04:40 | Date Updated: 2004-12-31 09:04:40
Edraith's Heart by Lannorui (PG-13)
Summary: Another sequel to Silver Leaves about Thalion and Durelleths son Edraith. He has spent his life taking care of the Forest of Brethil but soon his world is turned upside down when he is sent to another forest to save an ancient tree.
Characters: Other, | Genre: Romance | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2004-12-27 17:35:42 | Date Updated: 2004-12-27 17:35:42
Sunset forever by lady_kementari (PG-13)
Summary: This is an AU story of Merry and Pippin. My alternate ending to the events depicted after the Battle of Pelenor fields.Spoilers from movie mostly.
Characters: Merry, Pippin, | Genre: Angst | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2004-12-25 07:53:15 | Date Updated: 2004-12-25 07:53:15
Si Na I Veth Naid Bain, The End of All Things by alatriel_elf_princess (PG)
Summary: This is a story I made up for English.. my first LOTR fic. Please R&R!! Note: there are some Elvish lines in Queyna.
Characters: Other, | Genre: Romance | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2004-12-22 19:50:38 | Date Updated: 2004-12-22 19:50:38
Even Though We're Different by ilovedolphins_2003 (PG-13)
Summary: A man with a passionate hatred for Elves is furious at his latest discovery that one of his race and the elven twins have become “brothers”. On a hunting trip, Elladan and Elrohir are captured by the sinister man. Now Aragorn and his faithful friend, Legolas, must find them before it is too late and the twins are lost forever. (Warning: Have kleenex handy and there will be some torture along the way...) ON HIATUS
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, | Genre: Angst | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2004-12-22 13:34:54 | Date Updated: 2004-12-22 13:34:54