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Such is Life by The _Raven (PG-13)
Summary: 25 year old Wisteria is fed up with boring old music lessons, so much she lies to her father, Lindir, and runs away. This is my first fan fic so I'm really nervous. But if you like it I'm happy to write more. Rated PG-13 for violence and character torture. P.S.: I've magically transported Ranger's Apprentice characters to Middle Earth.
Characters: Other, | Genre: Drama | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2012-11-06 06:46:43 | Date Updated: 2012-11-06 06:46:44
Unseeing Eyes by Call Brandybuck (PG-13)
Summary: She doesn't believe in love anymore. Not after what happened with her parents and best friend. She had loved, and lost the people she loved because of Orcs. She is sent to her uncle Antien to live there and finds someone who she feels familiar feelings for. She tries to resist, knowing that she cannot risk grieving over a loved one again...
Characters: Aragorn, Original Character(s), | Genre: Action | Chapters: 6
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2012-08-13 03:44:51 | Date Updated: 2012-09-15 14:32:57
Of Forest Realms and Elven Love by Starz (R)
Summary: The two worlds of the Woodland Realm have been apart for thousands of years and negotiations are underway for unity once more. When Legolas and Elloriel meet, what will happen? Will they be the key to it all? AU
Characters: Legolas, Original Character(s), | Genre: Romance | Chapters: 4
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2012-05-29 01:02:42 | Date Updated: 2012-08-11 14:37:03
Betrayal by Saerwen Calenmiriel (PG-13)
Summary: Aragorn and Legolas fight over a girl. Arwen doesn't exist in this story. Tell me what you think!
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Original Character(s), Thranduil, | Genre: Drama | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2012-07-07 15:16:34 | Date Updated: 2012-07-07 15:16:37
A new council by silvermoonwolf (G)
Summary: Elrond calls together the council for an unknown creature. The creature just so happens to be from Hogwarts.
Characters: Aragorn, Other, | Genre: Action | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2012-01-25 08:53:47 | Date Updated: 2012-01-25 08:53:47
The Counterpart : Prologue by Evelynn (PG-13)
Summary: A few years can change a life drastically. Can she free herself of her scars? (Adventure/Romance)
Characters: Legolas, Other, | Genre: Romance | Chapters: 3
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2012-01-24 22:14:13 | Date Updated: 2012-01-24 22:14:13
A Connecticut Yankee in Hobbiton by Beren_Onehand (G)
Summary: The Connecticut Yankee finds himself again in another world and time, and must find his way out.
Characters: Gandalf, | Genre: General | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2011-12-06 21:47:24 | Date Updated: 2011-12-06 21:47:24
Daughter of Lothlorien by Miluiel92 (PG-13)
Summary: What happens when an Elf meets the Fellowship and her long lost love? Rated PG-13 for some violence and intimate scenes. Please review!
Characters: Legolas, Other, | Genre: Romance | Chapters: 2
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2010-10-17 16:00:32 | Date Updated: 2010-10-17 16:00:32
So Much Trouble by Feylinn (G)
Summary: Despite the friendship between their fathers, Bel Brandybuck and Tom Gamgee can't stand each other. So when Tom does something unforgivably mean (by Hobbit standards) to Bel, she decides its time to get thoroughly even... and creates a little mayhem in the process.
Characters: Merry, Other, | Genre: Humor | Chapters: 5
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2010-10-12 00:47:25 | Date Updated: 2010-10-12 00:47:25
The Green Dragon by Lastande_Took (PG)
Summary: A ficlet based off something I noticed in a Sherlock Holmes story. Features Holmes and Watson, indirectly features Merry and Pippin. PG for drinking.
Characters: Other, Pippin, | Genre: Humor | Chapters: 1
Category: Non-canon/AU/Crossover
Date Added: 2010-09-03 14:58:09 | Date Updated: 2010-09-03 14:58:09