It’s wonderful that you want to start your own site devoted to the Lord of the Rings. When starting up your own site, though, it’s important to build your own original content, and not copy it from other sites. Here’s why:

People build websites for a variety of reasons. The main ones include having a desire to be creative, and to share a love of something with other people. Above all, though, most site owners want people to visit their site. To do that, each site has to have unique content or resources – or all sites will simply be clones of one another, and then why bother? And if you have another site’s content on your webpage, people will visit your site instead of the site that created it…and that doesn’t make the original creator of the work very happy in most instances.

And to look at it another way, all original content, i.e. anything written, transcribed, created graphically, or otherwise developed by the staff of CoE is copyrighted to the site. That means that you may not duplicate it elsewhere without permission. Simply copying something from our site and putting it up on your own page without asking first, even if you link back, is not acceptable. You are very likely to get an upset email from Rivka if you do so.

Regarding specific pieces of content on the site:

– Images from the gallery: you may take a small number of images from our gallery for display on your own site, but please do not try to duplicate our gallery, or take more than a few. Please always include a link back to CoE.

– Fan creations or other works created by site members: we can not give permission for these to be used elsewhere, as they were created by site members. You would have to ask each individual member for permission to use their work.

– Any other content on the site: you may not use on your site without asking permission. It’s also extremely rare that we would give permission to do so, because we created it for our site – if we give it to you to use, we lose possible visitors to our site, which defeats the purpose of us creating it and displaying it on CoE.

All of the staff, and many of the site members have worked very hard and spent many long hours to make the site what it currently is. Please don’t disrespect our work by taking a few seconds to copy and paste it into your webpage. Link to us all you want, but take the time to create content of your own to put on your pages.

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