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The Prancing Pony
General, off-topic discussion. All off-topic books, movies, TV, and other media discussion should be taken to The Palantír.
Moderators: BelleBayard,awelyn418,
Topics: 337
Last post by Hanasian in Re: Hello!!! ANYONE ALIVE?!?! (And are you wondering the same thing) on January 28, 2023 10:12
Facts About Us
For all those "What/where/who are you?" threads.
Moderators: BelleBayard,awelyn418,
Topics: 125
Last post by Evil~Shieldmaiden in Re: How often do you come to CoE? on October 31, 2022 02:25
The Palantí­r
To discuss non-LotR movies, television, books, and other media.
Moderators: Keterai,
Topics: 524
Last post by Hanasian in Re: Star Trek on October 10, 2022 08:47
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