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Post The CoE Store -- a haven for collectors
on: December 04, 2003 10:19
Looking around, I've noticed everyone talking about Noble Collection and eBay and such and it made me wonder how many people have actually checked out the CoE store, which usually carries the same merchandise often for lower prices. (I realize it's difficult to beat eBay, but the benefits to CoE makes up for it.) We carry Badali jewelry, same as they sell on NC. We carry swords, scabbards, Legolas' white knives, Elven bows, etc. We have action figures, snowglobes, books, DVDs, posters, pipes, calendars, even bobbleheads... more items than I can list here.

Of course everyone won't buy from us, but it seems only fair to give it a once-over to see if we have what you want. Some affiliates don't ship internationally (like Amazon - though several sections do have links to the items available on Amazon Canada and Amazon UK), but others do (Medieval Weapon Art, Tolkien Town, AllPosters, Entertainment Earth, and Emerchandise). Remember that a portion of the price you pay goes directly to CoE and is used to pay server fees, to finances CoE get-togethers like the RotK party in LA this year, and more.

Thank you for your business. We greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Edited to say:

Think you can't buy online without a credit or debit card? Think again. Our affiliates accept personal checks and money orders.

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Post RE: The CoE Store -- a haven for collectors
on: May 27, 2007 08:26
The CoE store has recently been updated and many new items added. With over 750 items in 32 different categories there is definitely something for everyone. The store is maintained regularly and new items added whenever they are available. You will find books, novelties, weapons, action figures, costumes, games, music, movies, posters and much more in the CoE store. So come and see what our store has to offer and check back often to see what is new. As a reminder any item purchased from one of our affiliates (Amazon, Tolkientown,AllPosters,Medieval Weapon Art, Emerchandise) through the store helps defray the cost of running our wonderful site. The store can be found on the main menu in Gaming and Collectibles. Or by following this link.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the store please feel free to pm me, Dolwen (new CoE store Admin.)

CoE thanks you for your support and business!
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