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Post Quote of the Week 2 Jan 14th/10; 3-XX; Of The Fith Battle: Nirnath
on: May 16, 2005 06:03
Great was the triumph of Morgoth, and his design was accomplished in a manner after his own heart; for Men took the lives of Men, and betrayed the Eldar, and fear and hatred were aroused among those that should have been united against him. From that day the hearts of the Elves were estranged from Men, save only those of the Three Houses of the Edain

Another difference between Elves and Men; Morgoth was able to bribe and buy some men to his side, but up until this point in time, he had little success trying to do the same with the Elves.


I first posted this in 2005, and I've realised that the above comment isn't entirely accurate. As can be seen by the other quote of the week for this chapter,found here Morgoth didn't have to bribe the Elves; They may not have sided with him, but they often acted in his best interests.

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