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Post QOTW Nov 28th1.II. Narn i hîn Húrin
on: November 28, 2005 02:53
Thingol, upon recanting his orignal judgmnet of Turin for te death of Saeros;
'And otherwise shall my doom now be,' said Thingol. 'Hear me! such fault as can be found in Turin I now pardon, holding him wronged and provoked. And since it was indeed ,as he said, one of my council who so misused him, he shall not seek for his pardon, but I will send it to him, wherever he may be found; and I wil recall him in honourto my halls.'

It is natural to think , as Turin did, that someone closer to the centers of power, as Saeros was, would be believed over you, when you are wronged by that person; but in this case Turin erred.
Though Thingol often used bad judgment, and this finally led to his doom, he was capable of showing true leadership and being completely fair, as he was in this case; and with this matter he showed true nobility and made it clear that he deserved to be the king of his paople.
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Post Re: QOTW Nov 28th1.II. Narn i hîn Húrin
on: February 06, 2013 07:54
yep agree. Thingol sure showed some mighty character. His ruling seemed pretty fair to me.
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