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on: June 17, 2006 01:25
It seems school is out and the time has once again come for SUMMER MADNESS!:::::

...abuse of magic and spells
...amazing strength (woman carrying wounded men around like a sack of potatoes...or three people holding off a band of 50 orcs while bleeding from deadly wounds)
...miraculous healing (a hand layed on a dying body and voila! instant life restored...or bandaging and healing wounds in mid-fight on horseback)
...extreme violence and torture
...sexual connotations and activities
...profanity and vulgarity (increased usage of 4 letter words)
...multitudes of wild pets as companions (including those that seem to speak the same language as their owners)
...innumerable 'banishments' of so many 'bad' elves (an unheard of event in Tolkien's world to be so prevalent here)
...characters far from or totally unrelated to JRR Tolkien
...killing off 'primary' characters of Tolkien's rather than member-created ones (it is not de rigueur)

We should note....A thread in Totally Tolkien must adhere to the written works of Tolkien. For those threads in Tokien Related, the inclusion of the films is possible and slight variations from Tolkien's works are allowable, as long as they stay within the limits of Tolkien's world as he described it. None of the above listed items are part of Tolkien's world.

Understandably, this does not apply to all of our members but those of you who recognize the above know who you are. The annual "Summer Madness" is the main cause for closing down threads or moving them to Loki's Palace. They also instigate a lot of posts or pm's from the moderators, as many of you already know. We will not disturb, request any editing or move any of the current threads that are now running BUT...we will expect to see a lessening of the unacceptable violations and deviations from the PG-13 nature of this site if you want your threads to continue.

So take the time to read this and proceed with caution from here to the end of summer if you want to avoid constant annoying notes from the mods and your threads to remain here.

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