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Post Melkor's enemies -The Elves
on: July 22, 2007 03:30
Which races of Elves are found here, in the closing decades of the First Age and who are their main leaders? What do they have in common, and what sets them apart? Why aren't they all united against Melkor?

(Answer this post partially if you wish, as it would take a huge post to explain everything)
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Post RE: Melkor's enemies -The Elves
on: July 29, 2007 08:46
Well you have the Sons of the infamous Feanor, (who is killed early on), Amrod, Amras, Curufin,Caranthir Maglor, Maedros,Clegorm entreanched to the SE of Morgoth.
South , (more or less) of Angband/Thangdorodrim you have the sons of Finarfin (not present), Angrod,Aegnor,Orodreth,just South,and Finrod Felagund in his cave fortress Norgothrond .
Then there is Thingol Greyloak, and his wife Melian (a Maia)and the Sindar in the enchanted stronghold Menegroth .
West and South of Angband there are Fingolfin and his son Fingon in Hithlum,and his son Turgon in Gondolin .
Cirdan is on the coast to the SW in Eglarast.

The things that unite them are, they are all of the first born , Elves.They all share a common culture.(more or less). They all fear and hate Morgoth and his followers.
The exiles differ from the dark Elves a little as they are more educated, know more history,and lore more about the original spirits Eru, et al. They are more at home with court life,laws. The Sindar and other Dark Elves love the woodlands , nature, they know the land better than any other elves. Their languages have changed to the extent, the Exiles have to learn Sindarian so they can converse with the Sindar and others.
They are further divided by distrust. Thingol distrust all of them as newcomers who might take part of his kingdon and declare themselves Kings of Beleriand. Thingol further is angred by the "Kinslaying",and hold them all to blame ( Some more than others ).
The sons of Feanor feel the resentment, and anger of all the others
and fear someone else will get the Silmarials. They resent Thingol 's power,and holdings. Your not boss of us !! (Parphrasing)
The people of Finarfin,and Fingolfin feel betrayed by Feanor and sons for the Kinslaying and marroning them on the shore in the undying lands. They also resent the name kinslayer applied to them .
The Green Elves resent the Exiles encouraging the newcomer Edain.
I feel sorry for the poor Men who wondered into all this, they would have needed a scorecard to keep track of why whos mad at who.
I know there is much more, but my eyes are starting to cross.

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