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Post Chapter quote Ib; The Childhood of Turin
on: August 08, 2007 12:05
differing opinons when Turin gives his knife to Sador;
' Do you then scorn your father's gift?' said Morwen; and again Hurin answered; 'No, but I love Sador, and I am sorry for him.
Then Hurin said; 'All three gifts were your own to give, Turin: love, pity and the knife the least.
'Yet I doubt if Sador deserves them." said Morwen. "He is self-maimed by his own want of skill, and he is slow with his tasks, for he spends much time on trifles unbidden.'
"Give him pity nonetheless." said Hurin. "An honest hand and a true heart may hew amiss, and the harm may be harder to bear than the work of a foe.
' But you must wait for another blade,' said Morwen."Thus the gift shall be a true gift and at your own cost."

This quote shows something of the personalities of three of Tuin's main influences, and could it also show the difference between a leader and an advisor?
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Post RE: Chapter quote Ib; The Childhood of Turin
on: August 24, 2007 04:12
I admire Hurin's response to his son. It shows he has good character and great compassion. He is teaching his son that love and honor are more important. Morwen on the other hand I believe is showing coldness and arrogance. It seems that she views Sador as worthless and doesn't notice the good things he has taught her son.
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