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Post Chapter XVII, The Death of Glaurung
on: February 25, 2008 05:05

I try to picture Nienor, and what she feels when Glaurung dies and she regains her memories. Was she left with any choice?

Brandir, in this chapter, seems to become an even more despicable character than he was previously. What kind of leader can he be now that he has killed in cold blood?

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Post RE: Chapter XVII, The Death of Glaurung
on: March 09, 2008 08:42
I can't imagine what Nienor must have been feeling but there is always another choice. She could have chose to live and face whatever was to come. But I can see why she made the choice that she did. She thought Turin dead, her mother was lost, her father held captive and she was utterly alone. She would have had to face the horror of it all everyday and even more so when the baby was born. After she learned that Turin was not dead; how do you turn your feelings of love for your husband into love for a brother. It would have been a very difficult life for her and her child.

He wasn't much of a leader to begin with. But after he would have lost any respect that any of his people previously had for him. He would have become more bitter than he already was.
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Post RE: Chapter XVII, The Death of Glaurung
on: April 06, 2008 12:26
At this point i think Brandir has pretty much renounced his leadership due to bitterness for the way things turned out for him, and he feels mostly scorned and rejected anyway.
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