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Post WELCOME to BOOKS FORUM! Please start here.
on: January 31, 2009 09:28
WELCOME to the Books Forum! – the hub of CoE Books Section and a place for the discussion of all Tolkien's works. Join in. Talk to us … and to other members. Here’s a description of the Books Section, fun stuff first and then a few guidelines for posting to the Forum.

Imagine CoE as a great mallorn tree with its roots in Tolkien and the forums existing in the main trunk, each with its own branches and growing on from each other, from books to movies to fan-creations, to role-play and on into our own primary world. The “branches” of the Books Section are …

Our pride and joy. Currently with around 2.5k entries and growing. You can submit entries if there’s something missing, or report errors, missing accents etc if you spot them. See also the Library Project thread

Maps: An interactive map of Middle-Earth.

Summaries: A work in progress which aims to have summaries of all Tolkien’s works, similar to the “blurb” you might read on a good book-jacket.

Middle-Earth: This section has articles on many aspects of M-E: Calendars, Family-trees, Races and Cultures, Noted Characters and much much more. Articles that say rather more than the Encyclopedia entries.

Literature Studies: Has more scholarly articles, examining Tolkien’s work more deeply. These must have a proper list of citations at the end.

Biography: Biographical articles on Tolkien and his primary world. Many with photographs.

Poetry: Tolkien’s own poems, including songs, rhymes and jingles from his books.

Art: Tolkien’s own pictures and drawings. And another section with work by the best-known of the Tolkien Illustrators.

Bibliography: A list of Tolkien’s works.

We also have a Book Club currently dormant but usually run by PotbellyHairyfoot where we read through a book discussing one chapter at a time … usually one per week.

THE BOOKS FORUM is much less "structured". Its a place to discuss anything on Tolkien's books, characters, places etc. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions about the forum, please PM me (Cirdaneth) or PotbellyHairyfoot. Alternatively, post questions or suggestions in this thread

Firstly Enjoy the Book Forum! We follow the general rules for forum posting but here are a few reminders and extra guidelines:

Before posting a new topic …

1. Make your thread title clear.
Check if it’s already here. (See Searchable thread-list among “topped” threads.) If you can’t find the subject you are after start a new one. We may add your topic to an existing thread if we know of one and “bump” it to Page 1. It’s fun looking through old forum posts – we've covered an awful lot of subjects over the years!

2. We don’t worry about spoilers as most have already read the books.

3. Please don’t use “text-speak” as you would on a mobile phone. We post in English, but it may not be our first language. Many members have English as a second language and use Tolkien to improve it. Please help them.

4. Please be aware that many of our members are schoolchildren, or people from other cultures. We come from diverse backgrounds. CoE is a global community and here we are all citizens of Middle-Earth. So … No flaming, name-calling, hate speech, nor overt sexual statements. No general condemnation of any race or group existing in the primary world.

5. Stay cool. Do not post if you are angry. Use the smiley faces on the right hand side to show when you are kidding. Please don’t post negative comments that serve no critical or constructive purpose; we reserve the right to move, edit or delete posts when we feel there is good reason

Please contact me or PotBellyHairyFoot if anyone is giving you grief by Private Message.

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on: December 27, 2018 01:09
Is this section for LotR specifically or for Tolkien books more generally? That is, would this be an appropriate place to discuss Leaf by Niggle, Farmer Giles, On Fairy Stories, etc. or is there another part of the forum for books by Tolkien that are not specifically Lord of the Rings related?
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on: December 28, 2018 02:18
This is for discussion of all Tolkien's writings, as cirdaneth says above. Most of the subjects are LOTR related which is no surprise.
You are welcome to start a new topic thread but please make sure there isn't one already. Here are links to the ones that already exist.
The Fall Of Arthur
Leaf By Niggle
Songs For Philologists
Tolkien And Shakespeare

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