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Post Quote of the week III.15
on: October 26, 2009 01:36
Thingol, in discussion with Melian

'...For vengeance and redress of their loss the Noldor came.Yet all the more shall they be as allies against Morgoth, with whom it is now to be thought that they shall ever make treaty'
But Melian said:'Truly for those causes thay came; but for others also. beware of the sons of Fëanor! The shadow of the wrath of the Valar lies upon them: and they have done evil, I perceive, both in Aman and to their own kin. A grief but lulled to sleep lies between the princes of the Noldor'
And Thingol answered: "What is that to me? Of Fëanor I have heard but report, which makes him great indeed. Of his sons I hear little to my pleasure; yet they are likely to prove the deadliest foes of our foe."

How does this show the politician side of Thingol's character?
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