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Post III.21 Of Turin Turambar
on: February 01, 2010 02:12

Turin made a few mistakes in his life, and suffered a lot of tragedies. In fact Turin is probably the most tragic hero in all of written literature

1) Can you list his mistakes?

2) can you list the tragedies that affected him?

3)What, in your opinion, was Turin's biggest mistake?

4) What, in your opinion, was the tragedy that that had the biggest effect on him?

5) What were the similarities between the personalities of Turin and Beleg, and what were the differences?

6) How may names did Turin use, and why did he keep regularly adding a new alias?
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on: June 15, 2016 03:02
a. Slaying Saeros and his flight from Doriath
b. Allowing the evil deeds of the Gaurwaith
c. Refusal to return to Doriath when found by Beleg
d. The death of Beleg
e. Overruling Orodreth and Gwindor in Nargothrond and abandoning secrecy
f. Building the bridge, Battle of Tumhalad
g. Abandoning Finduilas to seek his kin
h. Marriage to Nienor
i. Killing Brandir

a. Morgoth's curse
b. Parting from Morwen
c. Ceasing of tidings from Morwen
d. Death of Finduilas
e. Death of Beleg
f. The sack of Nargothrond
g. Death of Nienor
h. Nienor's true identity

3) His pride in Nargothrond, which caused him to urge the Elves to open war, overruling Orodreth and Gwindor, building the bridge that eventually allowed the sack of Nargothrond.

4) The revelation of Nienor's true identity and her death, which drove Turin to despair after his victory against Glaurung.

Similarities: Courage, loyalty
Differences: Turin was stubborn and refused to return to Doriath

a. Neithan, the Wronged; Gaurwaith
b. Mormegil, the Black Sword; Nargothrond
c. Turambar, Master of Doom; Brethil
He would hide from the doom of Morgoth, not revealing his right name.
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