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Post The Return of Saruman
on: December 16, 2013 04:16
Since before the end of the Third Age, the wizard Saruman was held prisoner deep in the tower of Isinguard by the Ents of Fangorn Forest. He had lost his power, but through the long years of the Fourth Age he has been slowly regaining his power. With his newly strengthened powers, he struck down the Ents and escaped Isinguard. He fled into Fangorn Forest to weave a new plan to take control of Middle Earth. A single Ent escaped the wrath of Saruman. He hastily made his way to Minas Tirith to notify King Eldarion of this misfortune.

He ran up to the gate of Minas Tirith, beat on the gate, and said, "Make haste and open this gate. I have an urgent message for the king!" Alarmed by the cry of urgency, the guards quickly opened the gate.

"What is your message tree guardian?" asked one of the guards.
"Send word quickly to the king. The wizard Saruman has escaped. He has regained all his power, he has killed all my brethren, and has fled to Fangorn Forest. I alone have escaped to tell this tale." When the guard heard this, he went swiftly to the throne room to give word to the king. The king was very dismayed when he heard the evil tidings of the guard. He knew that Saruman will soon make trouble in Middle Earth, so he sent a soldier in every direction to call the people of Middle Earth to council in Minas Tirith. He will take counsel from others on what to do if Saruman becomes a threat to the people once again. What will the council decide?
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on: May 31, 2014 11:32
((May I join? As Legolas, I mean.))
The elves began it, waking up the trees, teaching them to speak...
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on: November 23, 2014 08:56
Can I join as well, but with my own character? (sorry if I place this wrong, but I'm new on this site (but I have played RP before)(and sorry for any mistakes, I'm Dutch and my English is... well it could be better))
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on: November 23, 2014 12:15
Hello, Saffiaan, and welcome to CoE. I advise you to check out our Out Of Character forum to see which RP threads are active. This one is quite dead, but we have a good handful of others that are alive and kicking. Out Non Tolkien forum has also been recently opened, if you have other interests. You can even create a thread, if you so choose, and open it up to other players. Glad to have you!
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