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Post Asmus Lord of the Rings
on: June 15, 2014 09:15
Anybody hear of those super awesome but rather pricey figures being made by Asmus?

I guess they're sort of a recent thing, and they don't really have that many figures.

Right now, they've currently got:
The Witch-King
Ringwraith(Steed Comes Separately!)
And Skully - Who goes by the name of Guritz.

Not sure if anybody on here as heard of them, and browsing around, I haven't found anything, so I decided to make a thread! ^^

So yeah! Has anybody heard of those figures bein' made by Asmus?
They have a site which you can visit here.

Being a Gothmog fan, I of course managed to snag myself the Lieutenant of Morgul himself! And I love him to pieces!

Tried uploading a picture to the gallery, but I'm not sure if it went through or not - or if it's too big... ^^
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