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Post Need help with script meaning
on: February 27, 2016 05:43
Greetings to all.. my first post
I need opinions on how to write or if its even possible to write you'll never walk alone in script.. my wife wants to get it tattooed on her but i dont trust the random script generators on the Internet. .
Any help will be greatly appreciated. ..
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on: February 28, 2016 01:23
Hi Alith, I suppose it's an Elvish tattoo you want, yes? If so, what you should do first is check with your wife which script/font she wants (there are several). You can find samples in our Elvish language forums, the Languages of Middle-earth section, or one of the online encyclopedias on Tolkien. Once you've chosen a script, you should post your translation request in one of the Language Forums here - either Quenya Elvish, or Sindarin Elvish. The sentence sounds simple enough, I'm sure it will be a piece of cake for our Elvish mods. The newbie forum is not a good place for such a request, since our language staff will not see it here.
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on: March 25, 2016 05:30
In Quenya: La oia vantuvalyë erinquavë!
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