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Post 2nd Person Pronouns
on: April 28, 2017 08:28
I am just learning Sindarin from David Salo's book "A Gateway to Sindarin". I am having difficulties trying to find out what to use for 2nd person since only very little is listed in the book. I have already checked on all types of websites but still can't seem to find the right thing. Help, please!
Thank you in advance,
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on: April 29, 2017 07:27
Hello, ChocolateDonkry,

Salo's Gateway to Sindarin is known to contain some ideas by its author that have no background in Tolkien's materials, and it was issued almost 15 years ago (our knowledge of Tolkien's languages has moved forward a great deal since then). So caution is recommended when using this book as a source.

Anyway, Sindarin 2nd person personal pronouns are recently known to be le (respectful/courteus) and ci (familiar/intimate), both singular and plural. Le is a loanword from Quenya - some conservative speakers, originated from Doriath, might still use the original sindarin de.

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