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Post Phrase translation help
on: October 05, 2017 01:33
Well met friend!
I'm looking for help translating a phrase into Elvish. It can be any version of Elvish that meets the goals.

Here's the story; me and by girlfriend are nearing our marriage and starting a family. We want to have a family motto. In fact we sort of have it, we just don't have a phrase that sums it up. Since LOTR has had a huge part of our lives together we feel its only right that the phrase be in Elvish.

So the idea is we are ambitious and driven people who work really hard. We are entrepreneurs who have a successful business together because we "run" through life. Running is how we refer to spending all day everyday working towards our future.

The phrase can be anything that instills that meaning. Something we can say to each other that re-affirms our life goals. Similar to saying "I Love You" to each other or saying "Go get 'em". Some examples may be:
- i run with you
- run with heart
- run for life

The phrase in Elvish needs to be something that rolls of the tongue. Something that sounds really cool. So the literal translation isn't that important.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Tamas Ferencz
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on: October 05, 2017 07:39
Well, Tolkien himself may have provided you with solutions. In one of his writings we find the Quenya phrase á nore amnórie "run faster" which is short, sweet, and to the point.
Then there is the well known Sindarin quote from LotR "Noro lim, noro lim, Asfaloth" "Run fast, run fast, Asfaloth". You could modify this to say, for example Noro lim trî guil "Run fast through life".
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