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Post Question about vocabulary
on: January 13, 2018 08:31
**I am new to Quenya (meaning I know almost nothing )

When writing/speaking, how will you know which word to use in which context if there are multiple translations?

For example, there are multiple words for 'silver'. If you want to say 'silver ring', you would use corma for ring, but silver (adj.) could be 'silma', 'telpina', 'telemna', 'telepsa' etc.

So how would you know which one to use?
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on: January 18, 2018 04:25
You have to look at the other meanings of those words.
E.g. silma also means 'crystal (white)', so we would use it for crystals not for metal.
telemna adj. "of silver" (KYELEP/TELEP). Possibly this (like telpina and perhaps telepsa) describes something actually made of the metal silver, whereas telepta (q.v.) only refers to silver colour.
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