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Post Translation request, please
on: July 04, 2020 10:44
Good day!

I am trying to translate the following phrases into Quenya and I'm not sure I have them correct.

Weeping Mountains -- Nyenyë Oronti

Or does "Mountains" go first - Oronti Nyenyë

Another version of that place name could be "Tears of the Mountain". I prefer that one, but I'm having problems making sure how to create "of the".

Tears - nië
of - an
the - i

So...Nië ani Oronti ?

Combined somehow? Oronti at the front, instead?

the Mountains, again, would be Oronti?

............next phrase (place name, again)-

Jewelled Lake - Mírëa Nendë (would that be one word?)

I apologize if I have completely butchered all this.. lol

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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on: August 04, 2020 04:50
A few remarks: nyenyë is the noun "weeping" (e.g. the weeping during the funeral).
To make the adjective "weeping" we need to depart from the verb nyéna- "lament" and change it into its active particple nyénala. And as you suspected it comes behind its noun, so weeping mountains = oronti nyénalë (the adjective in the plural as oronti is plural).

Quenya is a language with cases so "of the" is rendered by putting the noun behind it into the genitive case: oronto. So tears of the mountain = nier oronto (nier is the plural of nië). And as a side remark we don't use the article "i" before a genitive case noun. Oronto nier is also correct.

And jewelled lake is correct.

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on: October 11, 2020 02:13
Wow, I never reached your level of translation dirk math
Tiro nin Elbereth
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