Hello! This is an article on The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring by Black Label Games ( Based on the book). This game is a great game. The thing that makes it extra special is that the way things are designed A) makes it feel you are there and B) is exactly how you picture it. The graphics are stunning, somewhat slow at times but still great. The controls are very easy, using a mixture of the mouse and keyboard. The letdown here is that the characters have limited fight moves. Very limited. Speaking of the characters, you will be three characters at different times. The characters are Aragorn, Frodo, and Gandalf. Each have their own powers.
Aragorn has Anduril, arrows and a kicking power, and is a very good fighter. Sword fighting is simple, with the get-near-them-and-click style fighting. Some may not like this simplicity, but I enjoy a game where you are not required to learn fifty codes for special moves. Frodo is the least powerful, at first he wields a walking stick and rocks, but in the Barrow Downs he switches to a westernesse blade, and then in Rivendell to Sting, but he has rocks the whole way. Gandalf is the best fighter, because of all of his spells. He also has a sword, but I find he is quite clumsy with it, so I usually use spells. The spells are great, because you just go to the Inventory and select one, and right click to cast it. The spells are listed here:

Fiery Blast
Chain Lightning
Staff Strike

Fiery blast send a “ball of fire” at one opponent at a time, and causes relatively good damage.
Chain lightning is a spell that casts lightning at multiple enemies, with very good damage causing.
Staff Strike is used on all enemies in your range, sending a wave of force and damaging your enemies.
Heal will completely heal you.
Attract is a spell that when shot at someone, will cause all other enemies in range to attack him. It is seemingly not very effective, but still fun 😉

To use spells you collect bottles of Miruvore, which gives you ” Spirit ” Each spell costs a certain amount of Spirit, so use it wisely.

The sounds in this game are okay, but somewhat forgettable but for a few sounds. The music in Hobbiton and Bywater stands out, however, with a beautiful, soft sounds.
This game is rated T for Teen, but is not really scary or disturbing. But it does have lots of violence, and a little blood which is unnecessary because it seems to just be a bit of red on the screen.. Not saying I want more blood, I mean it that I think they should have not included it because it is very unnecessary to the game.

This game has the perfect amount of difficulty. The game has a lot of enemies to kill and lots of places to see. I find this game has lots of replay value because it is fun to work on your skills, and also it is fun to just walk around Hobbiton etc. and enjoy the scenery. A perk I found stood out is NO SAVE POINTS! Save points are annoying because if your parents tell you to get of the computer, you still have to find the save point, or play back from where you were. This is a silly set for trouble. I dislike games that tell you when to save. This game is not at all like this. You can save at anytime, anywhere, simply and easily. Another good point about this game are the many Mushrooms, Lembas, and Cram which increase your health. They are located in many places, and you can save as many of them as you want in your inventory. Another thing that is great is the ” Face” Mode, where it is like a target for Spells, arrows, and rocks.
Another cool thing I have observed is the sneaking feature, where you can sneak by holding Shift+Directional buttons so you can sneak past enemies silently.
A part that uses this is the suspenseful, fun and difficult Dark Riders sneaking challenge. You have to sneak past these Riders, without putting on the Ring (See below), by sneaking and throwing rocks to distract them. I think this is a very neat highlight to the game, connecting you with Frodo and the task ahead.
The bosses in this game are quite hard! The one I found the hardest was Old Man Willow, which is VERY difficult to beat. The Ors, Uruk-Hai, and other enemies are relatively simple to kill, unless you are Frodo.
The last point I’m going to cover is the Ring. As Frodo, you can put on the Ring for few seconds. If you put it on to long, however, you will be corrupted and die. You can gain ” Purity” by visiting people, like the Elves or Tom Bombadil, but The Ring is basically pointless, even when the game suggests it. Although it makes you invisible for a few seconds, you do not really need it at any time in the game.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this great game, its good and bad points, and I highly recommend checking it out.

By Sweetlittleelf

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