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Title: Galadriels Ring
Submitted By: k
Date: November 22, 2002


  1. Avatar
    November 25, 2002

    Wow!!! The hair!!!

  2. Avatar
    November 26, 2002

    Look! It’s Rapunzel! Oh, wait…sorry….

  3. Avatar
    December 3, 2002

    i like this pic in a sweet way i mean

  4. Avatar
    February 14, 2003

    ooh i like it…its just so…so… goshh

  5. Avatar
    April 5, 2003

    Very children’s fairy-tale look to her work. It’s different. I mean that in a good way.

  6. Avatar
    May 9, 2003

    I love her hair! And the stars are so well done! I really like the ones on her head.

  7. Avatar
    May 11, 2003

    As always: SO unique! I ditto every comment made on her hair, and I love the starbursts too. 🙂

  8. Anonymous
    May 18, 2003

    The hobbits are just so cute and little compared to the the grace and beauty of Galadriel … I like! =)

  9. Avatar
    May 21, 2003

    I really like this, even though it looks like she has fireworks shooting from the back of her head.

  10. Avatar
    May 25, 2003

    I would never in a million years have though of Galadriel like this, but I like her!

  11. Avatar
    June 2, 2003

    that is so cute! i like this galadriel she’s different but sweet!

  12. Avatar
    June 3, 2003

    wow that is a very interesting Galadriel, not like how i pictured her, but it is still good

  13. Avatar
    June 10, 2003

    i almost like this galdriel better than teh movie one!

  14. Avatar
    June 17, 2003

    It’s beautiful. And elvenprincess, this Galadriel is prettier than movieone. I think so.

  15. Avatar
    July 10, 2003

    She seems chinese or japanese but I like tge picture

  16. Avatar
    September 1, 2003

    Yah I agree with you Aladine neither would I. It looks lovely.

  17. Avatar
    October 1, 2003

    These pics look great, they look like they came out of some classisish book – so great

  18. Avatar
    October 14, 2003

    I like how her ring is in direct alignment ith Earendil (the star).

  19. Avatar
    October 14, 2003

    Oops! Thats *with*.

  20. Avatar
    January 18, 2004

    I love Galadriel’s hair in this picture 😀

  21. Avatar
    February 7, 2004

    Her hair is so long! Amazing!

  22. Avatar
    February 8, 2004

    Instead of a Dark Lord, you will have a queen… lol That is so good, she is TALL…. poor little hobbits!!!

  23. Avatar
    February 17, 2004

    pretty,pretty setting

  24. Avatar
    March 3, 2004

    ..insiring. ..She’s cute.

  25. Avatar
    March 6, 2004

    I love the light that is coming from her hand and head and I love the fact that her hair is really long!

  26. Avatar
    March 6, 2004

    And the fact that the hobbits are sitting down as if bowing down to her It is totally awesome!

  27. Avatar
    July 2, 2004

    her hair is realli long..

  28. Avatar
    December 5, 2004

    I LLLLLOOVVVVEEEE that dress & cloak!! I want them! You’re right, ImPipPin, She looks like something off

  29. Avatar
    December 5, 2004

    of Fantsia! In a good way, though!! Great job!!

  30. Avatar
    April 11, 2005

    this looks like storyboard art for a disney movie…

  31. Avatar
    May 5, 2005

    fireworks are coming out of galadriel’s hair, sorry I had to point that out. it looks very nice though

  32. Avatar
    November 9, 2005

    galadriel kinda looks like a valkyrie. i like it though, a very original and interesting interpretation.

  33. Avatar
    November 19, 2005

    shiny! good job!

  34. Avatar
    November 27, 2006

    i like her , but she does look more like rapunzel!

  35. MissMusicObsession
    January 1, 2013

    This is so pretty!

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