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Celeborn's Karaoke Bar

Lego-lly Blonde by LittleMissBaggins
Parody of "Legally Blonde" by from
Horse Stealer by lordoftheringer
Parody of "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green
Éowyn to Faramir by CapnLissa_of_Ithilien
Parody of "Part of your World" by Jessica Simpson
Under the Trees by SongofNimrodel
Parody of "Under the Sea" by Disney - the Little Mermaid
We Lit the Fire by elf_arrow577
Parody of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel
If Estel Comes Home by rangerelderaen
Parody of "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry
I am a Hobbit from the Shire by rangerelderaen
Parody of "Wichita Lineman" by Glenn Campbell
Once Upon a November by rangerelderaen
Parody of "Once Upon a December" by Liz Calloway/animated film
Ring of Power by IDreamNotSleep
Parody of "Papparazzi" by Lady Gaga
Saruman's Coat (of Many Colours) by IDreamNotSleep
Parody of "Joseph's Coat" by Webber Andrew Lloyd
Evil Idiot by Maianna
Parody of "American Idiot" by Green Day
Gondolin Song by ElwingAndEarendil
Parody of "Ebay Song" by Weird Al Yankovic
Good Men Go Bad by IlaniAraEvenstar
Parody of "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship
Fellowship Men by Maianna
Parody of "Piano Man" by Billy Joel
You Tell Me by EtheliaBulverTook
Parody of "And Your Bird Can Sing" by The Beatles