Glr Edhellen 'nin Laes

Le linnathon 'lr lostad hn nn.
Glr tegitha noeth ln na hdh.
Holo chin ln, laes dithen nn,
A lasto lam nn, le annatha dh.

Athrathach i iant dhnen d,
A lastathach i lalaith i laiss.
I thloss en-gwaew glr ben-l,
Nuin giliath telithach nan felais-in-elei 'lyss.

Moe a lend, glr nn canel.
Elei ln ovrathar na veleth, laes nn.
Nan minuial telithach na 'ell.
Adar a Naneth le garel vi rainc vn


An Elvish Lullaby

(original English translation)

I will sing you a lullaby my child
A song to bring you peace.
Close your eyes, little baby mine,
Listen to my voice, it will give you rest.

You will cross the night's silent bridge,
And hear the laughter of leaves.
The wind's whisper is a timeless song,
Beneath the stars are the white shores of dreams.

Soft and sweet, my song is calling.
Your dreams will be filled with love, my baby.
You will come to morning with joy.

For Father and Mother are holding you now.


[A] Song Elvish for the Baby

(word-for-word translation)

[To] you I will sing a song [of] sleeping child mine
[A] song [that] will bring thoughts yours to peace.
Close eyes yours, baby little mine,
And listen [to] voice mine, [to] you it will give rest.

You will cross the bridge silent of night,
And you will hear the laughter of the leaves.
The whisper of the wind [is a] song without time,
Under the stars you will come to the shores of dreams white.

Soft and sweet, song my [is] calling.
Dreams yours will abound with love, baby mine.
[To] The morning you will come with joy.

Father and Mother you [are] holding in arms ours.


Original poem and Sindarin translation by Gwendeth, October 2003