Quenya puzzle CoE course …. by Eruantalincë
Answer Key
Lessons 6-10
Across Down
2. well (adverb of "good") [márave] 4. husband [verno]
8. sang (pa.t. of "to sing") [lirne] 5. "I wandered" [rannenye]
12. fallen (passive participle of "to fall")[lantaina] 6. aorist of "to die" [fire]
13. "has loved" (perfect tense of "to love")[emélie] 7. "I am following them" [hilyeanyet]
15. flying (active participle of "to fly")[ramyala] 9. young [nessa]
17. butterflies [wilwarini] 10. passive participle of "to
21. abhorred (plural, pa. t. of "to abhor")[feuyaner] bear, wear, carry" [colda]
23. "has written" (perfect tense of "to write") [etécie] 11. "I am not / I do not" [umin]
24. infinitive of "to make, do" [care] 14. sweet (plural) [lissi]
26. forever [oiale] 16. sons [yondor]
27. entered (pa. t. of "to enter") [mittane] 18. nights [lómi]
19. books [parmar]
Down 20. three [nelde]
1. but [mal] 22. two [atta]
2. one [mine] 25. iron [anga]
3. protecting (active participle of
to protect) [varyala]