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  • ElderTherion
  • ElderTherion
  • ElderTherion
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  • http://facebook.com/eldertherion
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  • The name of my blood inheritance is Metts. I Have held the title of Elder for over 20 years from my position with the Melchizidek Order. As I became more involved in the field of Occult studies and was initiated Adeptus Exemptus, I took on the additional magical name Therion. I Have been known as Rev. Elder Therion, or Master Therion more than half my life now. I operate my own advanced research guild and Fraternal Order as well. I am working on an interdisciplinary Doctoral degree/Professorship at Berkeley CA.
    I hold a permanent seat among the Elder council of Earth as Master of Scholars and Watcher of the Realm.

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