Name: Aulë (means ‘the Smith’)

Titles: Friend of the Noldor, Mahal (the dwarves’ name for him)

Sex: Male

Appearance: Unknown

Attributes: The substances that the world is made of: metals, rocks, gems, etc. Is a smith, and a master of all crafts (weaving, carving, metalworking, tilling etc.).

Maia: Sauron

Home: Has mansions in the middle of Valinor.

Notable accomplishments:

-Made the “Seven Fathers of the Dwarves” because he was too
impatient to wait for the coming of the elves. Eventually they were laid to rest in far away places to awake after the elves.

-Made the chain ‘Angainor’ with which Melkor was bound.

-Taught the Noldor the skills of metal work, and other smith-crafts. Fëanor was his best pupil, and from Aulë he learned the craft he used to make the Silmarils.

-Made the vessels that became the Lamps of the heavens. (The Sun and Moon)

-Helped to build the island Andor (Land of the Gift) for the Edain to
live on. It is called Númenórë in the High Eldarin

-Chose the Istari Curumo (Saruman) to go to Middle-earth.

Mate: Yavanna

Relatives: None

Research: Hathaldir
Commentary: Hathaldir
Edited by: M

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