Race: Men
Type: Rohirrim
Place: Rohan
Time Period: Third Age

Eowyn was born in 2995 T.A. to Eomund of Eastfold and Theodwyn, the beloved sister of Theoden of Rohan. She has one older brother, Eomer, born 2991 T.A.
When Eowyn was 7, her life was changed. Her father hated orcs for raiding the lands in his charge and rode out to hunt them whenever possible. In 3002 he rode out after a band of orcs with too few men accompanying him, as was his want. He was led into an ambush where he was slain. Her mother, Theodwyn, took sick and died soon after Eomund’s death. Her grieving uncle, because of the great love he bore for his sister, brought the orphaned Eowyn and her brother to live in his house. Theoden made no distinctions between his own son and his niece and nephew. For him, they were all his own children. Eowyn and her brother were raised with their cousin, Theodred, a grown man of 24 at the time. With her aunt Elfhild dying in childbirth,
Eowyn grew up in an all-male household. This is what might have led her to learn to ride and wield a sword as well as any man.

In her adult years, Eowyn attended to King Theoden in his court. It was with despair, she watched the King fall under the influence of his chief counselor, Grima. His evil whisperings led the once strong, proud man, whom she loved as her father, into a degrading premature dotage. All she could do was her duty, to faithfully serve her King. When Gandalf came in April of 3018, he healed the King. Theoden and Eomer prepared to ride to Isengard with Gandalf’s party. Eomer was named heir to the throne and Eowyn was made Lord in their absence. As long as the King and his heir were gone, she would have the power to rule. It was a sign of the love and trust the King and the people had in her, for no woman had ever ruled in Rohan.

Aragorn and his companions returned from Isengard ahead of the King and Gandalf party. By now, Eowyn had become infatuated with Aragorn. When she learned of his intentions to take the Paths of the Dead, she did her best to dissuade him. His determination held fast. Wanting to accomplish great deeds and win renown she begged to accompany him. He would not allow
it. He tried to counsel her in her bitterness at always being left behind to do her duty as a woman, but to no avail. The King and Eomer returned long enough to muster the Rohirrim to ride to Gondor’s aid. When they left, Dernhelm left with them. In this disguise, Eowyn became just another rider in the eored. With her, she took the Halfling, Meriadoc, who was to have been left in Edoras. Together they remain anonymous until the Pelennor Fields.

On the field, Theoden lay dying on the ground, having been crushed by his horse. The horse was felled by a Southron arrow while rearing up in terror of the Witch-King. Dernhelm/Eowyn and Meriadoc were the only ones left near King Theoden. In anger at the slaying of his winged steed, the Nazgul broke Eowyn’s shield arm with his mace. His next blow missed and
he stumbled as Meriadoc stabbed him in the back of his knee. Struggling to stand, she drove her sword into the empty space beneath the Nazgul’s crown and slew him. Thus fulfilling the words spoke by Glorfindel to Earnur, after the Battle of Fornost in 1975 T.A., when the Witch-King escaped. “Not by the hand of man will he fall.” But the blow that felled the Witch-King was almost her undoing, being more than her mind could bear. The skill of Aragorn and the healing power of athelas in his hands brought her brought back from the edge of death. She won the title of “Lady of The Shield Arm” for her efforts.

It was not until the Ring was destroyed and Sauron defeated that Eowyn gave up her infatuation for Aragorn. She turned to the healing love offered to her by Faramir. They were wed in 3019 he named her “the White Lady of Rohan” and made their home in the hills of Emyn Arnen. Their home being
in Ithilien and still in sight of the city of Minas Tirith. Faramir was given Ithilien as his princedom in 3018 by King Elessar, the name taken by Aragorn at his crowning. There is no record of Eowyn’s death or any children she may have bore to Faramir.

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