Name: Estë (means rest)

Titles: Estë the gentle

Sex: Female

Appearance: Her clothes are grey.

Attributes: Her gift is rest. She is the healer of hurts and weariness.

Maia: Melian (who also served Vana). She tended the trees in the gardens of Lórien and nightingales sang around her.

Home: By day she sleeps on an island in the tree-shadowed lake of Lórellin in the gardens of Lórien in Valinor. She walks at night under the starlight.

Notable accomplishments:

– All those who dwell in Valinor draw refreshment from the fountains of Irmo and Este

– Often the Valar come to Lorien and there find repose and easing of the burden of Arda.
– Miriel, the first wife of Finwë, wished for release from the labour of life after the birth of Fëanor. She was put under the care of Lórien, and in the gardens she slept. Her spirit departed from her body while Estë’s maidens looked after her body which remained unwithered.

Mate: Lórien (also known as Irmo)

Relatives: None known

Research: Morwenna and Elvenprincess

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