Fourth Age is accounted for in Shire Reckoning.

1427Will Whitfoot resigns as mayor. Sam is elected as Mayor of the ShirePippin marries Diamond of Long Cleeve.
Aragorn enacts an edict to prohibit the entry of Men into the Shire; he also liberates the Shire as a Free People under the Sceptre of Annúminas’ protection.

1430Faramir, son of Pippin, is born.

1431Goldilocks, daughter of Sam, is born.

1432Merry, called the Magnificent, becomes Master of Buckland.  King Éomer and Lady Éowyn of Ithilien send him great presents.

1434Pippin becomes Thain of the Shire.  Aragorn appoints the Thain (Pippin), the Master (Merry) and the Mayor (Sam), Counsellors of the Northern Kingdom.  Sam is elected as Mayor for the second time.

1436Aragorn heads for the north and remains some time next to the Lake of Twilight. He reaches the Brandywine Bridge and there he greets his friends. He grants the Star of the Dúnedain to Master Sam, and Elanor is appointed maid of honour of Arwen.

1441Sam is elected as Mayor for the third time.

1442Sam, his wife and Elanor head for Gondor and stay there for a year. Tolman Cotton holds as delegate Mayor.

1448Sam is elected as Mayor for the fourth time.

1451Elanor the Fair marries Fastred of Greenholm in Far Downs.

1452Aragorn gives a gift of land to the Hobbits of the Shire. They are granted the lands of the Westmarch from the Far Downs to the Emyn Beraid. Many Hobbits move there.

1454 Elanor and Fastred have their first child, Elfstan Fairbairn.

1455 Sam becomes Mayor for the fifth time. Sam asks that the Thain makes Fastred the Warden of the Westmarch. Fastred and Elanor the Fair move to a new dwelling at the Undertowers on the Tower Hills. There their descendants, the Fairbairns of the Towers, live and prosper for many years.

1462 Sam become Mayor for the sixth time.

1463Faramir Took marries Goldilocks.

1469Sam becomes Mayor for the seventh and last time. At the end of his term in 1476, he was 96 years old.

1482Rosie, wife of Master Samwise, dies on Mid-year’s day. On the 22nd of September Sam rides out from Bag End. He journeys to the Tower Hills where he is last seen by Elanor the Fair. He gives to her the Red Book which remained with the Fairbairns thereafter. Among the Fairbairns the tradition is handed down from Elanor the Fair that Sam passed the Towers, and went to the Grey Havens, and passed over the Sea, the last of the Ring-bearers.

1484In the spring, a message came from Rohan to Buckland that Éomer wished to see Merry again. Merry was 102 years old but still hale so he took counsel with his friend the Thain (Pippin). They handed their offices over to their sons and rode away together over Sarn Ford and were never seen again in the Shire. It was after told that Merry came to Edoras and was with Éomer before his death in the fall. Then he and Thain Pippin traveled to Gondor and passed the remainder of their years there. When they died they were laid in Rath Dínen with the great of Gondor.

1541On March 1st at the age of 210 Aragorn laid down his life and passed on. It is said that the beds of Merry and Pippin were set beside the bed of the great king. After the death of the king, Legolas built a grey ship in Ithilien, and sailed down Anduin and so over the Sea; and with him, it is said, went Gimli. With the passing of that ship came an end in Middle-earth to the Fellowship of the Ring.

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