Race: Hobbits
Type: Shire-folk
Place: The Shire
Time Period: Third Age

Born Lobelia Bracegirdle of Hardbottle in the Third Age. (1318?Shire Reckoning), she went on to marry Otho, the son of Longo Baggins and Camellia Sackville.

Otho was an undistinguished Hobbit of little merit, so Lobelia focused on her son Lotho, whose pimply face, was a source of unkind mirth among the younger Hobbits.

As Bilbo Baggins’ closest relatives they sought to inherit Bag End, his stately Hobbit Hole, upon his disappearance while on an adventure in the East. They tried to have Bilbo declared legally dead so as to take possession of the estate and luxurious Smail. Bilbo returned, inconveniently with a pony ladened with treasure, only to find his property being auctioned off and the Sackville-Bagginess moving in to Bag End. They tried to contest Bilbo when he had his good name pulled back from the dead, but gave that up after a while.

Many, in the Bywater area, sided with Frodo a younger second cousin and Bilbo’s heir, and treated Lobelia quite discourteously.

The feud continued even after Bilbo disappeared again not ending for almost eighty years when finally Frodo too left the Shire for good, under the ruse of setting up housekeeping in Crickhollow, so that he could take the Ring to Rivendell with some safety and secrecy. It was only then that Lobelia was finally able to enter Bag End as her own having purchased it from Frodo.

During the War of the Ring, Lobelia was arrested for attacking one of the rogues with her umbrella, and placed in Bywater Prison. This rogue was one of the opportunistic gang of ruffians who worked for Saruman they fouled the Shire, and harassed and enslaved its folk during the end of The War Of The Ring.

Grima Wormtongue the former counselor of Rohan murdered her only son Lotho. She was finally released from her prison, to a great cheering crowd, after the return of Frodo Baggins and Company and the death of Saruman.

She was so touched by the community’s response to her, that she relinquished Bag End and returned to Bracegirdle, and used her considerable fortune in helping Hobbits that were left homeless by Saruman and his ruffians.

She died in 1420 (Shire Reckoning)

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