Name: Irmo (means ‘Master of Desire’) but he is usually called Lórien.

Titles: Fëanturi (‘Masters of Spirits’, joint title given to him and his brother).

Sex: Male

Appearance: No description given.

Attributes: Visions and dreams, solace and peace.

Maia: None listed, although Olórin dwelt in the gardens of Lórien.

Home: The gardens of Lórien in Valinor – which is how he got his name. Lothlórien, the fabled home of Celeborn and Galadriel in Middle-Earth paid homage to the original home of Lórien .

Notable accomplishments:
– his gardens are the fairest place in all the world, and filled with many spirits
– He keeps fountains in his gardens, and that is where everyone who lives in Valinor gets their refreshment.
– Míriel was delivered into his care by Manwë

Mate: Estë

Relatives: Brother to Nienna and Mandos

Research: Hathaldir

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