Name: Námo (but usually called Mandos)

Titles: Doomsman of the Valar, Fëanturi (‘Masters of
Spirits’ Joint title given to him and his brother)

Sex: Male

Appearance: Unknown. Once appeared as a shadowy, dark figure.

Attributes: Spirits of the dead.

Maia: None listed.

Home: Halls of Mandos

Notable accomplishments:

-keeps the houses of the dead and summons spirits of the slain

-appeared to the Noldor and told them their Doom of the Noldor

-he knows where the spirits of men go when they die.

-was only moved to pity once, when Lúthien sang a song for him.
He was so moved that he asked Manwë to spare Lúthien’s
love the mortal man Beren.

Mate: Vairë

Relatives: Older brother of Lórien (Irmo), and Nienna.

Research: Hathaldir

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