”Manwe has no thought for his own honour, and is not jealous of his power, but rules all to peace” – The Silmarillion

Name: Manwë Súlimo (Súlimo is translated to mean: “Lord of the Breath of Arda” literally means: “the breather”

Titles: the Elder King, the Ruler of Arda, King of Arda, Lord of the West.

Sex: Male

Appearance: Clothed in blue, blue eyes, and sapphire sceptre (the Noldor wrought it for him).

Attributes: Wind, clouds, air, and birds (especially the eagles). The birds bring news of Middle-earth to his house upon Taniquetil.

Maia: It is not clear, but maybe Olórin.

Home: Mansion called Ilmarin on the summit of Taniquetil in the mountains of Valinor.

Mate: Varda

Relatives: Brother of Melkor.

Notable accomplishments:

-Pardoned Melkor, (Manwë is free from evil, and cannot comprehend it).
-Helped Fingon to rescue Maedhros by sending Thorondor, King of the Eagles to retrieve them from Angbad.
-The eagles upon Meneltarma, the Holy Mountain, were called the “Witnesses of Manwë” and were sent to keep watch on the mountain and all the land.
-Gave Lúthien and Beren their second chance at mortal life.
-Summoned the council where it was decided to send emissaries (the Istari) to Middle-earth. He specifically said he wished Olórin (Gandalf) to go.

Research: Hathaldir
Commentary: Hathaldir
Edited by: M

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