Salmar was a Maia of Ulmo, and it was he who made Ulmo’s great Conch Horns, the Ulumúri. As with Ulmo and Ossë, Salmar loved the Teleri.

Nothing else is known of him from LotR or the Silmarillion, but there is more mention made of him in the Unfinished Tales– both as Salmar, and under his other names Noldorin, Lirillo, and Golthadriel.

When dwelling in Valmar, it seemed that Salmar played the harp and the lyre, “sitting beneath Laurelin and raising sweet music with an instrument of the bow.” His brother [or twin], Amillo-Ómar, sung along with him.

He took part in the Valar’s chase of Melkor after Melkor had caused great convulsions in the Earth. He also played a part in a tale about the Land of Willows. It seems that Salmar took part in the Battle of Tasarinan, which happened around the time of the Exile of the Noldor. After that defeat, he took his harp and went seeking Valwë and the Noldor in the Iron Mountains. Tulkas followed him, and the two Ainur then fought side by side at the Pools of Twilight, against Melkor. Salmar’s name was later omitted from the annals of that battle.

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