Name: Tulkas (means ‘Strong’ or ‘Steadfast’), Astaldo (‘The Valiant’)

Titles: ‘the Strong’

Sex: Male

Appearance: He has blonde hair and beard, and his flesh is ruddy.

Attributes: Wrestling, strength and war

Maia: None mentioned

Home: Not mentioned

Notable accomplishments:
-greatest in strength of all the Valar, he rides no horse, because he can outrun anything on foot and is tireless
-his weapons are his hands
-was last to come to Arda, he came to help in the first battles against Melkor
-he helped Aulë to build Valinor, and The Halls of Manwë
-he is always laughing, and even laughed in the face of Melkor
-wrestled with Melkor, and threw him on his face
-he may be slow to wrath, but he is also slow to forget

Mate: Nessa

Relatives: None

Research: Hathaldir

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