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Lire O Lorien (Song of Lorien) (in Fanfiction)

…have the utmost respect and admiration for you all and I am deeply touched by your support. You have given myself and Lórien the finest care. Lothlórien is our blessed…

The Funniship of the Ring (in Subject Articles)

…trotted and trotted and cantered and cantered and cantered and then I walked and walked and walked ’cause my horse (Bumblefax) didn’t like me and then I made my way…

A Hunt In The Woods (in Fanfiction)

…preparing food and checking their arrows, and knives and getting them ready for the next day’s hunting. The Rivendell elves had all assured him that it was no cause of…

The Fellowship of the Ring (in Subject Articles)

You will betray us! You go to your death and the death of us all! Curse you! Curse you! And all the halflings! (Boromir slips and falls to the ground….

Herbs and Stewed Rabbits (in Fanfiction)

…Sam, and not able to tell them apart at all it would seem.” “All the more reason for you to learn and be instructed properly, my dear hobbit,” Strider said…

The Super Duper LOTR Story (in Fanfiction)

…way,” and off they went. They followed the scent for three hundred meters, and then they came upon a sea. “I see the sea, and the sea sees me, see…

Epilogue (in Fanfiction)

…LegolasÂ… Â…Orlando Bloom PippinÂ… Â…Billy Boyd Sharku/SnagaÂ… Â…Jed Brophy EldarionÂ… Â…Sadwyn Brophy DamrodÂ… Â…Alistair Browning KuroÂ… Â…George C. Cole EothainÂ… Â…Sam Comery Nathan Algren (Red Samurai)Â… Â…Tom Cruise CelebornÂ… Â…Marton…

The Long Journey Home (in Fanfiction)

…his knapsack and offered them to Merry and Pippin. There before the fire they all sat eating SamÂ’s cakes and sipping on some cider. They drew themselves close to the

Silver Leaves (in Fanfiction)

the forest and riding past the elves, she quickly pulled him to a stop and jumping down with her bow and arrows, she joined the band of elves at the

The Fellowship of the Ring’s Destruction (in Subject Articles)

YOUR BOAT! QUICKLY UP THE STREAM! MERRY SAYS MERRY SAYS MERRY SAYS MERRY SAYS: MERRY (chanting): Oh-look-there’s-a-dock-right-there-let’s-try-and-float-our-RAFTABLES™-there-before-we-all-drown! The Fellowship managed to dock their rafts, and unload. The Raftables™ promptly sank….