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Return of the King, Extended Edition (in Subject Articles)

them head-on! (Gamling blows his horn.) Théoden: Charge! (The Rohirrim charge towards the Mûmakil, and get decimated by the strength and size of their opponents. The Mûmakil use their tusks…

The Fellowship of the Ring (in Subject Articles)

…vision of Legolas, Merry and Pippin, then Sam. He sees Bag End, then the burning of Hobbiton, the enslavement of the Hobbits and the destruction of the Shire. Then suddenly…

The Funniship of the Ring (in Subject Articles)

…Selves had not stolen from them. They walked on. They did not notice the dark figure that crept to the top of the wall behind them and fell to the

The Two Towers (in Subject Articles)

the battering ram.) Théoden: Brace the gate! (Men run to the gate to brace it. The orcs are running towards the gate with the battering ram, they hit the gate…

Chapter 10 (in Fanfiction)

…such a place in the past. The conversation between Strider and the man now grew more audible, and the hobbits found the inn-keepÂ’s attention on them and Frodo. “The nameÂ’s…

The Epic of Merrisil & the Scourge of the Scarlet Maiden (in Fanfiction)

the wood where the Great River converged with the Nimrodel. In the early morning the forest was filled with the song of bird and breeze, as silky winds caressed the

Epilogue (in Fanfiction)

most heart-wrenching parting they would have would be the day when Kenshin would leave them–forever. Fear was gnawing at their minds like strangers in a foreign land. The children then…

Return of the King (in Subject Articles)

…opponents. The Mûmakil use their tusks to send riders flying, and stomp upon them with their feet. The archers on the back of the giant beasts also kill many riders….

The Long Journey Home (in Fanfiction)

the path and followed the faint footprints while they still had the light of day. Two hours passed as they followed the footprints along the western edge of the Brandywine….

Lire O Lorien (Song of Lorien) (in Fanfiction)

…and Celeborn to the forests of Valinor, the trees welcoming them. They slept under the serene stars, the full moonlight caressing the trees. “It is so very beautiful here,” Haldir…