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Return of the King, Extended Edition (in Subject Articles)

…are we off to next? Gandalf: Oh, it’s too late for that, Peregrin. There’s no leaving this city. Help must come to us. (We now are switched to a forest…

Part II: The Two Towers (in Fanfiction)

…you will beg me to forgive you.” I roll my eyes. She always goes for the dramatics. “Okay, sure. Whatever you say, Chief.” I try to salute her, but my…

Chapter Thirty-Two: Sifting Through the Ashes (in Fanfiction)

…in this hour of darkness. For everything- for his friendship, for his protection, for his understanding, trust and, in a sense, for his love. Haldir only nodded once, tucking the…

The Epic of Merrisil & the Scourge of the Scarlet Maiden (in Fanfiction)

…of forces of Mordor to this hill of black magic. For the Scarlet Maiden called to him in dreams and he answered. And long had she hidden in secret for

The Journal of Ithil Elanna- Part 2: Child of the Valar (in Fanfiction)

to be she looked into my mind. “Go and find something to write with!” she cried softly. Instantly I took off to find my bag. Nearly tripping over myself, I…

The Fellowship of the Ring (in Subject Articles)

…that is not for them to decide. All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you. (Frodo decides to leave. Determined to


…sat on the bed, still fully dressed, too tired to bother changing into a nightshirt. Strider had also returned to his bed, hoping that he too could fall back to

Return of the King (in Subject Articles)

…a tiny smile onto her face.) Not grieve for those whose time has come. (He cups Éowyn’s head in his hands and brings her forehead to his.)You shall live to

Escaping the Past (in Fanfiction)

…will be forced to explain ourselves,” threatened Melian, who appeared to endure great strength of will to steel herself against disintegrating into another fit of laughter. At the same time,…

Set Me Free: Part 1 (in Fanfiction)

took to grazing and sleeping for most of the day, not even bothering to look up when another colt asked me to join their game. My mother grew sick with…