Howdy folks! Welcome to the Realm of Mandos!

Mandos’ Forum

Traits that can be attributed to those that are in the Realm of Mandos are:

-being truthful
-concerned with fairness
-enjoyment of Knowledge/Learning
-enjoying random conversations
-humor (and lots of it)

A few things we will specialize in include:
-playing LotR games (and lots of them!)
-Coming up with suggestions for new plausible things to put in the games section of the site.
-Being model citizens and helping to acclimate newbies. Cause they need love too.
-Being a home to Canadians. So far, we have over nine thou–err, six outspoken members from the Northern Country!
-Brainstorming new ideas for the humor section and writing humorous articles, parodies, or photoshopping various LotR pictures.
-Not everyone is funny (well actually they are, but they may not REALIZE it…), so as well members of the Realm of Mandos can search out and write articles for Newsletter.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM the realm head, lordoftheringer

Realm Birthdays

(Oh boy I got behind on this. Sorry guys. If it’s any consolation, I missed wishing myself happy birthday too.)

Happy belated May to August birthdays to:


Happy September birthdays to:


Some signature banners created by realm members

A warm welcome to:


And a belated, but no less enthusiastic welcome to:

Realm News

September 13, 2011
Right, this page is supposed to get updated

Sorry about that. Will try to do better.Come check out our Realm Party, September 17th to October 1st! It’s a great way to learn more about our realm, and a chance to wish a very happy birthday to Kat and Song. Realm parties are in the General Realms forum.Also, we just did the annual inactive member purge. I was super-careful, but if I somehow deleted someone who’s still interested in being part of Mandos, you’re certainly welcome to join again (nobody was kicked out permanently, not that that’s ever needed to happen). Inactive members (who haven’t posted in at least 6 months) are taken off the roster once a year so potential new Mandosians don’t mistakenly come to think that we have over one hundred active members.
April 18, 2011
We have a Realm Leader!
Well, that was a very easy election to conduct 😛 Our new Assistant Ghost of Mandos is: lordoftheringer! Congratulations, Kat!
April 2, 2011
Seeking Realm Leader candidates

The general consensus of the realm is that we’re ready to get some Realm Leaders! If you think you’d make a good candidate, go nominate yourself in the thread in the general forum. But hurry–the deadline for nominations is April 17!Even if you’re not interested in running, stay tuned and VOTE in the election!
February 4, 2011
The Realm of Mandos is once again playing Mafia! Participants are still needed, so come sign up in the Wheeee! forum.Thanks to Saelryth_Windstalker for overseeing the game![edit Feb22] It’s been changed to be Inter-Realm Mafia, instead! Check it out in the General Realms forum! Round 1 is closed to new participants, but you can still watch the proceedings. Could a Mandosian be the Mafia? We’ll find out…
February 1, 2011
We’ve just started our new “Assassin” game. Come check it out in the Wheeeee! forum! The winner(s) get a stylin’ banner!
January 19, 2011
Cleaning up the Realm

One of our lesser-used forums has been converted into a large Skeleton Closet, where unused threads are being temporarily stored. If they remain unused, eventually they will be deleted. The realm is looking much less cluttered, though. I mean, some of those threads hadn’t been touched since 2005!Meanwhile, we’re starting up several new games, including Hide and Seek and a semi-spooky role-play set within our very own Halls of Mandos, all in the Wheeeee! forum. Come by and check it out! If you post in Mandos, your name will be added to the “Active Members” list, and you’ll win fabulous prizes you won’t be deleted come the late spring/early summer inactive member purge.
January 7, 2011
Once more, with feeling…

Time for the semi-biennial changing of the realm staff! We have a new realm head, TurinGwoheyuloi, who’s looking forward to getting Mandos active again! Many thanks to Merides, HaldirofLorien13 and Mellwen for their work as leaders.
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