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Realm Head: vanyar

Birthday Waggoneer: Mareth_Ravenlock

Current MoTM: Mareth_Ravenlock

This is one of the smaller realms here on Council of Elrond. If you’re looking for a close-knit, caring group who are always quick to befriend someone and even quicker to share in a nice laugh, then look no further. Oh, and if you like llamas, that definitely helps. ;-)Please feel free to have a look around, read the ‘Charter’, check out the ‘Valar Info’ about Nessa, or read the latest Realm News. Check the ‘Members’ list to see if any of your friends have joined us already. If you haven’t yet joined the Realm of Nessa yourself, and you would like to, then please do!

 If you have joined us, but haven’t braved our forum yet, we recommend you read ‘Charter’ first. It’s simply a list of site rules, and a quick guide to our different forums and what you’ll find in them. If you have any trouble navigating our forums, just pm myself, a Leader Llama…or an active member. We’re all eager to help 😀 Also follow us on twitter at @NessaRealm!!!


Member of the Month

Each month (or more if there is lack of activity) a Member of the Month will be chosen. the MotM shall express the utmost qualities of Nessainity. For the duration of their month, each MotM can display the MotM banner ( as seen on either side of the heading here) in their signature. To do this, simply go to Edit my forum options, scroll down to your signature, and click the image button on the toolbar. Type this link:   inbetween the img brackets. Once a new MotM has been chosen, the former MotM must remove the image from their signature.

The Bare Nessa-cities

A song parody of Bare Necessities from Disney’s “The Jungle Book” by our own Nelvellon

Look for the bare Nessa-sities, The simple bare Nessa-sities, Forget about your worries and your strife!

I mean the bare Nessa-sities, Llamas and poptart recepies, Let’s bring the Realm of Nessa back to life!

Wherever I wander, Wherever I roam, I couldn’t be fonder of my forum!

The Nessians running as they please, With sponges just to have at me, Look behind you don’t close your eyes, Or you will get a soaked surprise! Come in and grab a sponge!

The bare Nessa-sities of life will come to you, they’ll come to you.

Look for the bare Nessa-sities, the simple bare Nessa-sities. Forget about your worries and your strife! I mean the bare Nessa-sities, Llamas and poptart recipies, Let’s bring the Realm of Nessa back to life!

Now when you pick a Sponge fight, or Alpaca unfair, and you get the worst end, well next time, beware.

Dont pick a sponge fight without shouting, If you’re alpaca’d don’t be pouting! Us Nessians like to have our fun, If you like a fun group, we’re the one!

Don’t you wish you were one, too?




Current Realm News

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