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Even though Nienna is the Lady of Sorrows, we certainly don’t sit around moping! We have an active forum with lots of fun and games, as well as more serious discussions on the books, movies, and the qualities that Nienna stands for.

The Realm of Nienna members are to be known for their compassion for all, as well as their steadfastness, wisdom and calm natures. Members will seek to help any that need it, providing solace, insight and fortitude.

Feel free to look around; read about the Valië Nienna in ‘Valar Info’, check the rules in ‘Charter’, see who else has already joined this realm in ‘Members’, and finally you can choose to Join this realm.

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Realm Welcomer: Magoleth Caption Contest King: Aegor Previous Heads: WitchQueen_of_Angmar atalante_star Previous Leaders: Nienna-of-the-Valar foshpickle~greenleaf Bronwynn Rosearialelven AinarielPalantir Annúnagar Frodos_Cat Sindaeririel Annûniel lanfear Magoleth Rebecca_C SeenZ Griffin Aegor Adonnenniel Previous Welcomers: Annúnager Bronwynn Annûniel And all the wonderful members who have contributed so much to the Realm! Thank you! Please feel free to browse the Archived News.
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