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The Realm of Oromë

Do you love the trees and other woodland areas? Do you love animals? Do you love to hunt? Do you love music? Do you love to take place in debates or just to talk about everyday subjects?
If you do then the Realm of Oromë is the right place for you!

Please be sure to read the ‘Charter’ and find out about Oromë in ‘Valar Info’.

If you feel that you belong with us please go ahead and join the Realm of Oromë.

If you already are a member of our realm, go check the realm forum!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM Realm Head Erucenindë.

Realm News:

If you have been deleted, and wish to come back, feel free to rejoin. We would love you back! 🙂

Prepare for some changes! Our realm head will be organizing and rearraging the realm, as well as deleting members who have been inactive.

We have a new realm insignia! You can see it on the Charter page.

Birthdays: COMING SOON!

Realm Stats:
March 22, 2010

128 members
2 new members this year
1 new member in last 30 days
longest time as a member: Keterai 2003-07-19
newest member: AraneloLorien 2010-03-08

This is our Realm song:

Trees and hounds, horses and music
Life in a woodland Realm

Collect your bows and daggers front
The dawn calls us to hunt
The hounds call out and the trees reply
Mounted on our horses we fly
Quick-silver through our wilderness homeland

A song in our hearts
Walking thru the forest, we do not fear the night
The stars above guide us, and keep our paths in light
And journey on from dusk til’ morn,
We hear the call of Orome’s horn.

Thanks to all our members who contributed to the composing of this song
and a special thank you to Mellon for arranging it for us

Music by Lingalad “Navadrom”

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