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All welcome to the Realm of Vána!



Suilad, mellon nin! Do you share the love for spring, joy and nature? You are not here by accident; welcome to the Realm of Vána…
Please feel free to take a look around, perhaps you’d wish to join us in Our Lady’s Garden! Go ahead and read the ‘Charter’, take a look at the ‘Valar Info’ and if you enjoy what you find in here, join our Realm! We always welcome new members, the more the merrier! All you need is love the feeling of spring in the air and in your blood. If your spirit is joyful and youthful, you need nothing more. This is the place where you belong!


Everybody is welcome!



Feel free to contact Loslote or the Realm Leaders for more information or if you have any questions. Members, please visit the Realm of Vana Forum!!
Loslote – Realm Head/Mother Goose
Harthad – Realm Leader/Gosling


~*~Realm Activities~*~



Our Lady’s Garden Shed (off topic chat thread)
Potc/LotR RPG (with a little bit of Narnia thrown in :P)
Hobbit RPG
Tir-na-nOg RPG
Doctor Who RPG
Word Association game
The Person Above Me game
Hurt and Heal game
Would You Rather game
Only Wrong Answers game
What would you do if…? game
Caption Contest
Weekly Graphic Contest
Back Away From The Elf: A Vána Multi-Author Activity
Inter-Realm Pranks
Inter-Realm Pen Pals
Graphic Manipulation help

~*~May Birthdays~*~

Lady Alya

~*~ Contests ~*~

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