Welcome to the Realm of Varda Elentári

Kindle the light of the stars in your heart – and shine! by Ithildin55

Varda image by atalante_star

The Realm of Varda is a place for those in love with beauty in all its forms, from simply admiring a song or a piece of poetry, to worshipping the stars which Varda made to light our way.

Before you go any further, please browse through the Realm ‘Charter’ and learn more about this realm and its members. Make sure you read the Realm Traits carefully and read the ‘Vala Info’ to get to know Varda well before deciding whether to stay with us, Stargazers, or not.

If you decide to stay, you are more than welcome to share the pleasure of the simplest things in life with many others like you, and me. 🙂

Visit the Forum and take part in the discussions and have fun. We have star talks, book talks, painting talks, writing talks and of course, our very own games, all exclusively for the Varda members. Scroll down to read what are the news and some frequent asked questions. If you are still in doubt or want to express criticisms, suggestions or simply feel like dropping a line, please contact me, gwendeth, Head of the Realm of Varda, or our Realm Leaders: ezetterlund and ~Stella~ .




We would like to highlight a few things you can´t miss in the Realm…


Stargazing is what most of us love best, and certainly we all have a favourite constellation. But what is behind its name, its charm? It´s up to us to tell their story and better than that, to create a new story to them. The first one: Orion, the group of stars at the right bottom of our banner there… you can read it here. But take your telescope with you 🙂 and remember to leave a myth too!

“In the Realm of Varda, Art is not bound by frames…” Do you love art? So do we! Join in our art discussions!

Our Realm Newspage Song is called Laer en-Aduial by Jessica Butler.

Poetry is one of our fine virtues, we can think open-mindedly, and express our inner self in writing. It never gives us the limitations of having freedom, without any doubts, it is a passion that we really treasure. All of the Varda members can post there!
You can read our poems, here.

Newbie Attractions:
~Welcome to Varda
~Le Suilannon
~Varda: Comet Trails * contest threads *Stargazer poetry thread *and all of the various game threads.
~Varda: Shooting Stars *discussion threads here if you are a lover of nature and the sky!!*Constellation Myths thread.
~Varda: Super Novae *activities for the realm of Varda *the Birthday thread *the “Yourselves” thread.
~Varda: Heavenly Mists all other general discussions can be found here *”Varda’s Name Factory” *”What’s your sign”




April 12, 2010
Please welcome your new Realm Leaders for Varda! ezetterlund and ~Stella~!



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