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Blessed Realm Pakora

Description: Corn fritters, as scrumptious as can be!

Submitted by Wulf_Sternhammer on 2004-02-23 04:47:12

Bruschetta Kementari

Description: An entree that pleases The Lady herself!

Submitted by Wulf_Sternhammer on 2004-05-05 07:04:45

Estë’s refreshing lemon sorbet (V)

Description: A delicate sorbet that refreshes the palate

Submitted by morwenna on 2005-12-01 16:53:48


Description: A fine fare for the hungriest of mortals or immortals alike. Patties of pure pleasure.

Submitted by Eslyssa on 2004-08-03 01:52:59

Gardens of Lorien Broccoli-Cheese Frittata

Description: Found on the most discerning and well-laden banqueting tables, this tasty frittata is easy and delicious.

Submitted by Scothia on 2004-02-11 01:30:37

Harradrim Spicy Potatoes

Description: A spicy vegetarian wet dish, filling suppertime fare for on the road.

Submitted by Wulf_Sternhammer on 2004-01-23 22:34:24

Jewel of Beleriand Antipasto Dip

Description: This colorful, high-flavor dip is just as good the second day.

Submitted by Morlothwen on 2004-02-17 15:19:53

Leggy's Lemon Basil Pasta

Description: A quick and easy pasta that adds a fresh flavor to any meal.

Submitted by DaughterofNimrodel on 2005-07-12 17:17:11

Maia Mushroom Risotto

Description: A dish so big on flavour that Sauron would want to control it!

Submitted by Wulf_Sternhammer on 2004-04-13 08:08:23

Master Gamgee's Vegetable Fry

Description: A delicious vegetable stir-fry that may be served with chicken, or alone.

Submitted by frodo249 on 2006-09-05 20:50:56

Mines of Moria Chili

Description: Feed those feisty dwarves after a hard day in the mines with this hearty veg-style chili.

Submitted by admin on 2005-12-05 13:41:57

Nasturtium and Marigold Salad

Description: A favorite of Yavanna, sure to promote creativity.

Submitted by lothien on 2004-06-27 22:08:27

Penne Pesto Yavannildi

Description: Delicious pasta worthy of a Valar's table!

Submitted by Wulf_Sternhammer on 2004-02-17 03:38:28

Pippin's Fried Millet with Nuts (V)

Description: For a hearty meal or side dish after "a hard day's work".

Submitted by DimpleToadfoot on 2006-09-07 14:26:20

Pippin's Pumkin Bread for Vegan Hobbits

Description: Better make 2 batches of this stuff with hungry Hobbits around.

Submitted by admin on 2004-07-27 10:29:28

Rushey Ratatouille (Vegetarian)

Description: An excellent dish for those days when the hunters return without any game, which often occurred in the Hobbit village of Rushey

Submitted by PotbellyHairyfoot on 2018-09-28 20:46:11

Sauron's Sizzling Supper

Description: When you fancy a spicy supper but can't be bothered to make a curry

Submitted by Magoleth on 2006-09-29 17:32:49

Sweet Minty Peas

Description: Perfect summer fare.

Submitted by Saelwen_Silivren on 2004-06-04 09:18:25

Sweet Pumpkin & Cream Soup

Description: A sweet version of the cream of pumpkin soup.

Submitted by kaazebrabeads on 2004-02-22 19:20:08

Tangy Fruit Salad (V)

Description: A tangy fruit salad for any vegetarian with a need for a bit of pizzazz. It tends to be tangy, but the fruit won't go bad as quickly as it usually does.

Submitted by Kuroi_Neko13 on 2004-05-23 16:00:14